Founded in support of helping kids who might not be able to get a book from an author at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival, we have grown our programs to get books into Hudson City School District kids hands and continue to encourage them to read and keep reading with the following programs:

“Good Fors”
This is a coupon given to students who might not attend the HCBF because they couldn’t buy a book from an author. Guidance and teachers help us distribute them and since we began, we have given away more than 1200 “Good Fors”.

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Money for books for college bound graduating Seniors
The HCBF Literacy Fund gives money for college bound students to purchase books in their first semester. To qualify, candidates write an essay about a book that moved them as well as volunteer to work at the Hudson Children’s Book Festival or the Literacy Fund Cocktail Party. Essays are reviewed by a committee and the Guidance Counselor before awards night. We have given away 10 financial awards to college bound graduation Seniors who demonstrated a strong interest in literature.  

Summer Reading Gift Certificates
We give gift certificates from a local bookstore to students to get a book to read over summer vacation. We have awarded 100 kids moving from 1st, 5th, and 8th Grades.

Thumbs Up
This program, leading up to the HCBF, encourages kids to read the books of the authors who are coming to the festival and review them with one to five thumbs up. The reviews are posted on a leader board for everyone to see, so they can read books their friends have read and reviewed. The authors- Elementary and Intermediate schools- receive a framed certificate of recognition for the most “Thumbs Up”. In the first year, in eight weeks, more than 3500 reviews were made. Two authors from both the Elementary school and the Middle school readers received a certificate on the morning of the festival.

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Author Visits
We have underwritten the cost to bring authors of children’s literature to Hudson in the lead up to the festival. Authors talk about their books, about being a writer and take questions from students.  

Young Writers Program
In an effort to engage Junior and Senior High School students, we’ve created the Young Writers Program. We ask that students write an original work that will be judged by a panel of book festival authors and local writers and teachers. The winning young writers will receive cash prizes.  

Library Make Over 
We are applying for grants to make a substantial upgrade to the Hudson School Libraries. The libraries should reflect the diverse culture of the Hudson community with contemporary books published for young readers, including poetry, prose, graphic novels, stories about different ethnic experiences and award winning books. We know that there is a need to provide multiple copies of each book so kids can read and share their thoughts with each other for a greater reading experience.